Russian rhyme database is the first web resource for finding Russian rhymes with reference to the actual verse lines from Russian poetry (from the 18th century to the first third of the 20th century).

You can search specific rhyming pairs, rhyming pairs containing some specific word, or rhymes with specific properties. Properties can also be listed when searching by words.

If you search by one word, please write it down in the first input field. In case you leave some input fields unspecified, make sure that they contain symbols “.*”.

Words can be written with accent. In order to do that just put an apostrophe after the stressed vowel, e.g., «му’ка» (if you would search by the word «мука», you would get rhyming pairs for the both homographs).

Search results may be represented in a table or a graph view. The table shows words forming the rhyming pair, rhyme properties, author, header, genre and year of creation of the poem. Headers are clickable, they refer to the actual verse lines in the poetic corpus of the Russian national corpus. Results table can be exported in CSV.

For the best graph display use the filter, especially if the results contain more than 1000-2000 rhyming pairs. The algorithm Force Atlas 2 is used for the graph layout.

This project follows the bachelor thesis of Olga Sozinova «Complex Networks-based Approach to Russian Rhyme History Description: Linguostatistics and Database» (NRU HSE, Moscow 2016).